Help Conserve the Eastern Sierra You Love.

DonateNowBy supporting conservation in the Eastern Sierra this holiday season, you'll be protecting open lands, clean water, wildlife, and so much more. You'll be making an impact that will be felt right here, right now - and on, for generations to come.


What does the Eastern Sierra mean to you? Has it become a part of who you are?

For my friend Sam, and maybe you too, the Eastern Sierra means peace. It’s a place to call his own.

You see, Sam was twelve when his parents decided to divorce. When things got difficult, Sam was sent to live with his Grandpa near Bishop for the summer.

To hear him tell it, that time on his Grandpa’s ranch changed something in him. It was like flipping a switch.

He left behind all the noise back home – the car horns, the television, his parents arguing... In its place, he soaked in the sounds of the Sierra: the wind in the cottonwoods, the birds by the pond, the cattle browsing in the sage.

Sam went for hikes in the mountains. He learned to ride a horse. He began to heal. Like many of us, Sam found something that he never expected: joy, hope, and a land that spoke to his soul.

You know how special the Eastern Sierra is. And by supporting Eastern Sierra Land Trust with a tax-deductible gift this holiday season, you can help future generations experience its magic, too.


We can’t take this place for granted. With development pressure on the rise, you can conserve what makes this land unique: the scenic vistas, wildlife habitat, family ranches, and countless places to hike, ride, and explore.

Young, older, or in-between, no matter your life’s path, the Eastern Sierra is a place where you can trade in the sounds and the stress of your daily life for a simpler, quieter existence. And you’ll be helping keep it that way.

With your holiday gift, you’ll be making a difference every day:

  • Conserving the lands and waters you love. How?By working with local families to protect their lands. Many are facing the pressure to subdivide, and don’t want to see their land developed. With your support, we can work together to conserve it instead.
  • Providing quality habitat on wet meadows and rangelands so that pronghorn, sage-grouse, and other vulnerable wildlife can thrive. They need this land to be protected, too – and you can make that possible.
  • Creating opportunities for young boys and girls to experience the magic of the Eastern Sierra. Even in rural areas, today’s kids need to get away from technology and soak in what will become a lasting love of the land – just like Sam.

With your gift, you'll be joining together with countless others like you who stand in support of local conservation. You will change the lives of people and wildlife for generations to come – providing joy, hope, and peace to so many.

Thank you again. I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.

DonateNowWarmly yours,

Kay Ogden, Executive Director


P.S. — By making your holiday donation a recurring monthly gift, you will have an impact on conservation every day of the year, protecting even more wildlife and ranchlands that are now at risk. You can sign up to give secure, automatic monthly donations online by Clicking Here. Thank you!

If you prefer, you may also give by mail or phone:

Eastern Sierra Land Trust
PO Box 755
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(760) 873-4554