Every year, volunteers like you roll up their sleeves and go to work to protect the Eastern Sierra we all treasure. And this spring and summer, we're rejuvenating our volunteer program with new events and opportunities to get involved.

Now we need your help! Join our volunteer team, and lend a hand to help restore the special places you love - right here in the Eastern Sierra.

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Preserving Vital Lands for People and Wildlife


The Eastern Sierra region of California and Nevada is rich in natural beauty and a strong agricultural legacy. Its working farms and ranches are scenic, historic, and a vital part of the region’s economy and rural character. Wildlife habitat is abundant and diverse, supporting fisheries, migrating deer herds, and ancient bird fly‐ways.

Eastern Sierra Land Trust recognizes that the land we share has long been used in a variety of ways. We work to preserve a healthy balance of uses — from ranching to hiking, wildlife habitats to favorite fishing spots — that can be sustained forever, ensuring a strong local economy and healthy environment for generations to come.